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In the eyes of the law, all persons or companies who make, import or place tyres for the first time on the Spanish replacement tyre market are deemed to be producers.





Any individual or company who carries out operations with End of Life Tyres (ELT) and holds the corresponding administrative authorisations issued by the regions in which they operate is considered to be a manager.



Public Administrations


Like any other integrated management system for ELTs, SIGNUS is subject to authorisation from each and every autonomous region and autonomous city in Spain.
In July 2006, SIGNUS submitted authorisation requests to the 19 autonomous regions and cities and currently holds express authorisation from all of these. The authorisations are valid for a period of 5 years.

Moreover, in order to provide information on its management activities, every April SIGNUS submits Management Reports to all the autonomous regions and cities, in compliance with Article 10 of Royal Decree 1619/2005 and with the provisions of the specific regional authorisations.



Garages and other generators


Generator is taken to mean any garage or establishment that fits new, used or retread tyres to replace others which require correct environmental treatment. These establishments usually acquire their tyres from distributors or directly from manufacturers.



Consumers and users


Under Royal Decree 1619/2005, all end users and consumers who purchase a new tyre can require the vendor to specify in the sales invoice the portion of the price corresponding to the financial cost of managing the waste generated when the tyre becomes an End of Life Tyre (ELT).

In this way, consumers are aware of the cost of the correct management of ELTs generated every year and they purchase a product in the knowledge that it will be correctly recovered at the end of its useful life, under the responsibility of the producer.