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SIGNUS in 2 minutes

SIGNUS Ecovalor is a non-profit organisation created in May 2005 at the initiative of the main tyre manufacturers with the aim of being used as a mechanism through which all manufacturers and importers (producers) who so wish can comply with their obligations under Royal Decree 1619/2005.

More about SIGNUS

Our activity

We are responsible for ensuring the proper management of used tyres (UT) and maximising the added value of their recycled materials.

Free collection of UT

Signus guarantees the free collection of used tyres... any garage in Spain that requests it.

UT Prevention

Tyre producers have the obligation to prepare...

and submit to the regional government where they carry out their activity a BUSINESS PLAN FOR THE PREVENTION OF USED TYRES.

Preparation for reuse

Checking, cleaning or repairing to ensure that used tyres...

...can be reused without any other previous transformation.

ELT Recycling

SIGNUS has managed to convert end of life tyres (ELT) that used to be a waste...

...into a valuable material with many different applications.

UT Management

SIGNUS organises the proper management of used tyres with all parties involved.

There are different agents involved in the recycling chain.

UT managers contribute to their recycling.

Nowadays, there are a large number of applications for recycled rubber from ELTs, do you know them?

Ecovalor fee is the cost of environmental management for each category of tyre (based on its weight)

Joining SIGNUS

If you put replacement tyres on the market, whether new or used, you become a tyre PRODUCER and you have to comply with the law.

If you sell in Spain tyres that you acquire abroad, you are a tyre producer.

SIGNUS has established a simplified model for declaring these tyres in a quick and easy way over the Internet.

If you buy tyres outside Spain with the intention of selling them in the Spanish replacement market, you must comply with the obligations established by the Royal Decree 1619/2005.

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